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Monitoring Internet Usage – This can be a touchy subject for most families wanting to honor their teens privacy.  Their safety however is much more important.  Here are a few apps and gadgets to look into that can assist by alerting you to possible danger.

  1. TeenSafe – Parental smart phone monitoring
  2. Net Nanny – Content filter for computers and devices
  3. The X – Plan – This offers a plan for your child to secretly text you when they need a way out of a situation without their friends knowing or giving them a hard time.
  4. Gizmo – This watch is for younger kids to pre-teens who do not have a phone.  This watch allows them up to 10 approved by you contacts.  You can also track their location and it’s waterproof.

Priceless Movie – Have you been looking for an activity to open discussion doors with your teen on sensitive subjects?  This may be the activity for you.  You will want to watch a trailer of the film first to make sure that it is appropriate for your teen.
Movie homework: We have provided some additional thoughts as well as resources to assist you in your family discussion.

Internet Safety 101 – Want a website that can teach you pretty much everything you need to know about keeping your child safe on the internet, social media and other technical devices?  Well here it is.

Focus on the Family: A parents guide to protecting your child (Sex-Trafficking)

In our back yard- Keeping kids safe from trafficking

Online Safety

Signs of Trafficking

5 Things You Can Do Today