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Covered in Feathers is dedicated to restoring and healing women and girls affected by human trafficking.

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Helping one survivor, one bag at a time.


Freedom/Restoration Bag Sponsorship: Every survivor deserves to feel valued and comforted during her first hours of freedom.  Your donation will do this for her.  For only $39 you will help begin the healing process for one girl who has been sexually trafficked or assaulted in the Denver Metro area.

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If you have a desire to be more involved in fighting human trafficking, then take a stand with Covered in Feathers.  Learn more about how you can make a difference by contacting us for upcoming opportunities.


Interested in putting an end to sex trafficking?  Find a story on our website, Facebook page or our Instagram account and share it.  When we work together to spread the word that human trafficking is here in Colorado, we can make a difference and make a change for the future.

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