I’m an alarm person.  I have a few alarms on my phone that go off daily.  One alarm wakes me up at 5:00am.  When I actually get up… well, that depends on how many times I push snooze.  Ha ha.  The second alarm goes off at 9:00am.  This one reminds me to drink water.  Ya, I know it’s ridiculous, but it works.  Then another goes off at 9:14am and 9:14pm.  At these times I stop what I’m doing and pray .  Psalm 91:4 says,

He will cover you in His feathers, He will shelter you in His wings…

That is my prayer for the 45.8 million people in slavery today.  I pray for their protection and safety.  I pray that their captors will be exposed and arrested.  I pray these precious people will heal.  I pray their dignity will be restored and I pray they will experience the love of Jesus.

Will you join me?  Just set your alarm for 9:14am and 9:14pm.  Let’s cover these dear ones in prayer morning and night.


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